Goomy Clicker is an idle/clicking game inspired by the popular Cookie Clicker. Goomy Clicker was created by Joe Zeng.


Goomy Clicker es Español La Unidad ONU Principio Bastante simple: Hace clic en el gran Goomy! en el medio con el fin de Recoger Más Goomies. En El Derecho Lado, Se Puede Goomies Como utilizar el Fin de Obtener de forma recursiva Más Goomies. Actualizaciones Posteriores pueden Ser comprados Y Usados ​​Para Hacer Los Edificios Eficientes Mas.

Along the bottom of the screen, one can find information such as the current level of your Goomies/Cursor/Something. This is in place of cursor upgrades. When the Goomy is clicked, a tiny amount of EXP Points is added to the bottom bar. When it fills, the Level raises by one. The higher the level, the more powerful the clicking. It appears as though the level will increase by buildings and upgrades as well.

Also along the bottom is a small blurb about how large your swath of Goomies is. This reflects the current amount of Goomies you have along with their official size in the Pokédex in Generation 6 of Pokémon games. Some measurements include lanes in a street, height of the CN Tower, length of an Olympic pool, distance from Jupiter to the Sun and back, and even Goomies. That's right, your swath of Goomies can be one Goomy long.

In the upper left of the screen is a miniature menu. Here you can save your game (though it autosaves every half hour) and exporting/importing your saves through code, along with resetting your buildings, level, and number of Goomies (but not your upgrades) and more info, where you can measure the mass of your Goomies and the space they occupy, similarly to the length/height of your Goomies at the bottom of the screen. At the lower-left of the screen is a credits tab, along with info about the current version of Goomy Clicker.

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